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Malls Insurance Brokers  offers numerous options for individual clients, as well as corporate clients, including Keyman (Company owned policies) and buy and sell policies (partnership policies.) Life insurance can cover disability; death; income protection; dread disease and funeral cover. Our personalized service will guarantee that you receive the ideal life insurance solution to suit your lifestyle and your requirements.
The life insurance industry is complex, and our experts are here to guide and assist you on the correct path. We will relieve you of any anxiety you may feel in regard to your life coverage.
Malls Insurance Brokers also provides investments for fixed terms with Old Mutual,
and retirement savings plans when you are ‘old and grey…’ Be, sure, Malls Insurance
Brokers has your back covered through this pandemic with low premiums.

Dread Disease/ Severe Illness Benefits

Dread disease / severe illness covers offers you financial protection against illnesses such as heart attack, cancer or stroke.  It pays out a tax-free lump sum amount, which you may use in any way that you choose.

Income Protection Plan

The IPP benefit pays an income to the disabled member, which is based on his/her salary as defined in the IPP policy. The first payment will be made after the waiting period selected on the plan.

Capital Disability

Capital Disability and impairment benefits pay a lump sum when a member becomes disabled or impaired.

Financial Planning

Another service that Malls Insurance Brokers offers includes personal financial planning and personal risk assurance. This includes a financial needs analysis; wills; estate duty; tax planning and asset protection.



At, Malls Insurance Brokers, the investment service solutions that we are able to provide are constructed to suit our clients’ unique requirements. We provide our customers with the best investment services possible.
The investment solutions that we offer include risk profiling, asset protection and investment products. We are also able to offer access to various platforms as well as direct unit trusts.

Tax Free “Fixed Bonds,’ from R50 000, Guaranteed returns!!

Portfolios for Investments

A model portfolio is a tailor-made solution that is designed to assist you in achieving your personal investment goal/ objective. Using a wide range of asset allocation strategies that will take your time horizon and attitude to risk into consideration. Essentially, Malls Insurance Brokers uses a model portfolio to allow investors to benefit from their returns without the stress of having to place regular effort into selecting their investments and reviewing their investments.

The Benefits of Model Portfolios

Reliable manager research
Easy and stress Free way to invest

Investments FROM R500-00 PM


Retirement should be an opportunity to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Living comfortably, enjoying the good life with time to devote to all your favourite activities and experiences. Retirement annuities make this future possible.

Compendium can assist you with your retirement annuities.

AT Malls Insurance Brokers, our expert broker will help you formulate a retirement savings plan that is affordable, risk-minimal and tax-efficient. No matter the stage of your career, we can propose a flexible option designed to protect you financially against inflation in your later years – producing a lump sum payment on retirement, followed by a monthly income

Set up a personal investment, or, if you are an employer looking to offer retirement benefits to your staff, speak to us about our group retirement annuities.


It is important to note that out of every person that retires only 20% independent, whilst the other 80% depend on family, government support and have to work not because they want to, but because they have to.


(Louw, 2019)


Every entrepreneur and business owner know the value of employing hard-working, motivated and reliable employees. You surround yourself with the best people! However, their loss can seriously hurt your company, so shield against financial disaster by covering your pivotal staff and money-spinners (director, project manager, sales head etc.) with key person insurance. Malls Insurance Brokers, specializes in providing quality assurance for the key persons of your company.

Developed and shaped to your needs in consultation with our brokers, key person insurance provides a lump sum pay-out to your company should your identified “key person” die or be incapacitated for an extended period. Policy proceeds allow you to find or skill-up a replacement; or, in a worst-case scenario, wind up the business with minimised financial hassle.

FROM, R250-00 PM

Our Ambition Statement

We’re proud of more than 35years of serving our customers and excited about the future as we continue to evolve to meet their needs. Our ambition is to Be the leader in delivering peace of mind, innovating for customers whenever and wherever they need us.


Long-term insurance with Malls Insurance Brokers is insurance that covers major life-changing events, such as death, retirement and disability. Long term insurance includes life insurances that provides for your family in times of need. It also includes retirement annuities short-term and long-term investments, to provide you with either an income upon retirement or a lump sum payment on the date on which your policy matures.


  • Investments
  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement

Retirement Annuity
Saving for retirement is relatively easy. Saving enough to maintain your living standard after you stop working is a more difficult challenge, especially with inflation eating away at your precious nest egg. If you want to maintain your current standard of living, afford that special little beach cottage, take trips overseas, study or start an exciting new hobby and not be financially dependent on your children, you need to take charge of your life and start investing in your future as soon as possible.

o    • A retirement annuity is structured to provide you with a pay-out at any time after the age of 55.

o    • Legally, up to one-third may be taken in cash.

o    • The rest must be reinvested, and the proceeds used to pay you a regular pension for life and/or can be used for an income for those you leave behind.

o    • The investment may only be accessed prior to age 55 in the event of you becoming permanently disabled or via payments relating to divorce, maintenance and emigration

Life Annuity
Upon retirement you may be confronted with the challenge of how best to preserve your nest egg. Your ability to sustain your desired lifestyle will depend on the growth of your retirement capital as well as the level of income you choose to draw after retirement.
A Life Annuity is a post-retirement product providing the following benefits:

o    • Receive a guaranteed pension (which is not affected by declining interest rates) until your death

o    • The guaranteed term you select will impact on the level of pension you receive

o    • Your income is guaranteed regardless of what happens on the stock market or capital markets

o    • Should you die during the guaranteed term, the pension is still payable to your dependents until the end of the guaranteed term

o    • The income may be level, or it may increase by a chosen percentage each year


Final thoughts 

Love it or hate it, we all require some sought of life insurance, as the Covid-19 virus looms, the aging and detracting state of the economy or who knows we may die and

leave our families with nothing to fall back on. At. Malls Insurance Brokers we provide

you with good sound knowledge, quality tailored service according to your financial needs. We look forward to doing business with YOU!