Where the middle person makes a difference
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Our Story

Since 1985, Malls  Insurance Brokers has prided herself into making dreams become a reality. Together with a sound knowledge of the insurance industry for close to 35 years, expert advise

from Old Mutual brokers and countless hours with clients we have become one of the ‘trusted,’ financial companies in Gauteng. We provide quality insurance through Old Mutual, which specializes in Long term insurance, Retirement Annuities, Investments,with ‘add on,’ benefits including dreaded disease and a basket of other long-term retirement savings

At, Malls Insurance Brokers we pride ourselves to providing our clients with low-cost premiums, good-sound knowledge of the financial industry, and service beyond boundaries.

Malls Insurance Brokers for the l a s t 35 years has been committed to growing our clients portfolios, and our commitment to uphold our founding ideals to provide industry leading products and first-rate services to our customers we privileged to serve.

And so, our story started with the goal of providing good-quality life cover and investment to our clients at affordable prices to ensure that one day your family will be looked after upon your death, or when you reach retirement age, you will have enough money to invest into your future without any worries. Join, Malls Insurance Brokers and become
one of our good stories to tell.

Our Mission

  • To provide specialist risk analysis.
  • To devise innovative, (long term) risk management solutions.
  • To reduce and where possible eliminate your company’s risks.
  • To provide a comprehensive and professional service always.
  • To always remember that we’re in business because of our customers.
  • To provide tailored, innovative and affordable solutions to all market segments, including individuals and businesses ranging from small enterprises to large corporations.
  • To establish a national network of like-minded risk consultants that provides us with the leverage to deliver bespoke packages to our clients, whilst retaining the personal touch that is the essence of our customer service.
  • To pursue growth so we are big enough to count, but at heart always remain small enough to care.
  • To provide added value to our clients by adopting the latest technology and methodologies.
  • To establish and nurture long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with clients and suppliers alike.
  • To demonstrate honesty, integrity and professionalism in all we do.
  • To foster an enjoyable work environment based on mutual respect and common purpose.
  • To make sure you always feel good about your risk management programs and solutions.
  • Our mission at Malls Insurance Brokers is to provide good quality long term insurance at affordable rates and premiums.